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Dear Reader,

I have served the international human rights organisation, The World's Children's Prize Foundation, as coordinator and trauma counsellor for more than two decades. In this capacity, I have witnessed hundreds of resilient, yet desperately vulnerable women and children from all walks of life, tell their stories.

As a result of my long association with the narrative arts, healing and teaching, I registered for a PhD in the Faculty of Science at UCT in 2015, determined to find a scientific context for the union between narrative arts therapy and indigenous knowledge. I was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy for this trans-disciplinary research at the inter-sections of the arts, psychology, anthropology, literature and history (Winberg 2020).

This academic research enabled me to use my experience to develop a therapeutic narrative arts programme in consultation with indigenous communities in southern Africa, the University of Cape Town and the Dulwich Centre in Australia – a global pioneer in Narrative Therapy.

My current post-doctoral research is an investigation into the neuroscience of storytelling and the brain's incredible capacity for making sense of life through visual and verbal narratives.

Thank you for your interest.



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