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Dear Reader,

People often ask me:

What is narrative arts therapy?

In short, the narrative arts have been around since the time we first made our painted marks on cave walls and composed our first sentences. Narrative art tells the story of a society – most importantly, what the common values and beliefs are that holds a society together.

Similarly, narrative arts therapy helps you to tell your personal story in a healing context, by exploring the values and beliefs that hold your narrative together –or make it fall apart. It helps you to compose stronger stories that will help you heal your broken story.

You do not need art-making experience to do this form of guided therapy.

What is it not?

Narrative arts therapy is not psycho analysis and it does not diagnose. It is a creative philosophy and science that honour humanity's age-old ability to reconstruct stories in beneficial ways.

What techniques do we use during a session?

The process relies on a wide range of creative techniques, including writing, mind-mapping, basic painting or drawing, clay or sand, depending entirely on the individual's needs. This hands-on, creative methodology supports a person's ability to tell their story, take a step back and look at it from a distance. From this vantage point, it is easier to deconstruct and re-imagine a stronger, beneficial self narrative.

Who benefits from doing narrative arts therapy

I focus on women and teenagers who need to work with change and transformation, including self-esteem, grief and loss, divorce, recovery from illness, addiction or help to manage depression, stress or anxiety.

How many sessions should I do?

My narrative arts therapy programme consists of an introductory session, followed by six sessions, depending on the individual's needs. Each session offers people a set of tools to figure out their personal plot, re-direct and re-image their storylines.

In Spring 2022, we will launch my podcast, Artful Conversations, where I share my musings on why we, as human beings, continually turn to the arts for healing and guidance. The first episode is a beautiful conversation between neuroscience and narrative arts therapy, asking:

Why are our brains wired for storytelling and images? Can we re-wire our brains?

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