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Courses & Workshops

Friday mornings at Corner Health Centre:

Address: c/o 3rd Avenue and Recreation Road, Fish Hoek, Cape Town.

Time: 10am & 1 pm

Contact: 021 782 5869 (Booking essential)

Cost: R650 including materials

This one to one, experiential workshop teaches you the basic techniques of Narrative Therapy in a safe environment. People follow this session up by doing the full 6-part Narrative Therapy course.

This is what a few of my clients have had to say about their Narrative Therapy experience:

  • After my divorce, I could not stop the angry narrative in my head. Narrative Therapy helped me to re-write my anger in a meaningful way. I managed to separate myself from the anger, look at it from a distance and re-write my story. This has made it easier for me to let go and focus on what is good for me (Angie 2021).

  • My Narrative Therapy experience helped me to grieve. I desperately needed to spend time with my thoughts and feelings about my Mom's death. This form of creative therapy takes one into places where traditional therapies can not (Virginia 2021).

  • I became a sexual abuse survivor at the age of 16. Narrative Therapy helped me to focus on my strengths and get rid of the shame I felt. I can not wipe that event away but I am transforming it. I became a teenage activist and joined an organisation where I now counsel my peers who have also been abused (Nomthula 2019).

  • I lost my leg in an accident and had a tough time trying to figure out who I am in this new life without a leg. Narrative Therapy helped me to re-think myself (Kasiem 2018).

To make a booking for Friday mornings at Corner Health, call Carlin at 021 7825869.

For a Zoom appointment, call + 27 (0) 833925153.

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