“I cannot go a moment longer without writing to tell you how much your audio story of The Mud Baby has meant to me. The careful, evocative way you have put it together, making it accessible to all, is most inspiring. It is a most humbling document about loss, faith, strength, and going forward.” (Megan Biesele)


Dear Reader

The Mud Baby, singing into the silence of losing a child, celebrates the art of storytelling in its own unique way – as a meditation on the stories people tell when someone they love dies. It is a eulogy to my nephew, whose long illness inspired the collection of these healing stories and thus enabled the making of this book. I tell this story in more detail in the preface to my book, available on Amazon.com

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The Chapter Summaries…

The Clay Pot

In this traditional story a grieving mother goes in search of medicinal herbs, finds containment in the stories of other African villagers and rediscovers the meaning of Ubuntu.

The Mud Baby

This classic African fertility story describes a barren, lonely woman’s journey into a river to recover her creativity with the help of an Angolan healer’s art.

Tiger Woman

During the ancient times, when animals and people could talk to each other, a young tiger woman in a Burmese forest marries a village man, but when death calls, she soon finds herself transforming the heart of her lover.

Katitu’s Basket

In a series of ancient hunter-gatherer stories, the girl Katitu discovers the meaning of memory as she helps her grandmother recover her own.

The Buddha and Squirrel

In search of truth, a Buddha sets about on a journey to discover meaning in the stories told to him along the way by merchants, farmers and a fish. A squirrel’s tale of heroism brings the Buddha to new insight.

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